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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Countering 9/11 Hysteria, Propaganda, and Lies

Today's local newspaper is so filled with articles on 9/11 that they spill over into the sports and lifestyle sections.  Try turning on the TV without seeing something about 9/11 or the US military.  That the 10th anniversary falls on a Sunday means that you won't be able to go to church or watch a football game without being reminded.  But for all of this ridiculous over-exposure, try finding just one (1!) article, comment, letter, segment, or interview in a newspaper or on TV (i.e. mainstream media) that is critical, or even questions, the realities of 9/11 and the US government response.  I strongly doubt you'll find even one (if you do, please provide a link in the comments).  Same as it ever was.  The brainwashing will continue, and we on the net will continue to fight it.

First, and most important: WTC 7.  Google it.  It did collapse at free-fall speeds.  Even NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, the organization tasked by Congress with investigating the destruction of WTC 1,2 and 7) now admits it.  For those without much physics background, this means that during the collapse of WTC 7, there was no (ZERO) resistance to fall.  If a cannon ball would have been dropped from the same height at the same time, it would land at the same time as WTC 7.  Of course, ONLY buildings undergoing controlled demolition can collapse in this fashion.  Buildings that collapse by fire or other structural damage fall irregularly and meet significant resistance throughout the process.  But don't take my word for it, these videos document the evidence and explain it all better than I ever could.

WTC 7 in Freefall: No Longer Controversial

WTC 7: NIST Finally Admits Freefall (Part I)

Oh, yeah, and no other steel framed skyscraper has ever fallen due to fire, even fires that have been much more extensive and burned much longer.

Fires Versus Steel Buildings

We could also mention that the BBC reported WTC 7 collapsed a full 20 minutes before it actually did so, even as WTC 7 was still visible in the background of the live broadcast.  Then the BBC conveniently "lost" all of the footage.  Yeah, really.

The BBC's 'WTC 7 Collapsed at 4:54 p.m.' Videos (actual collapse 5:20 p.m.)

Of course, everyone already knows that respected academic scientists from major universities have published a paper in a peer-reviewed journal detailing the findings of nano-thermite in the WTC dust.  Nano-thermite, of course, is an extremely hot-burning substance capable of melting structural steel, and is so technologically advanced that it is not commercially available can only be produced by those with vast scientific and financial resources.

Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe  (abstract and link to PDF)

Of course, nano-thermite burns hot enough to produce molten steel.

High Temperatures, Persistent Heat & 'Molten Steel' at WTC Site Contradict Official Story

Perhaps the best overall summary is written by physicist Steven Jones.

Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse? (PDF)

Of course, you don't have to take our word for it, as there are thousands of credible professionals from all fields who have openly proclaimed their doubts of the official story, at significant personal and professional risk (try bringing any of this up at work with the boss or your customers).  Those represented include members of the official 9/11 commission to investigate the attacks, congressmen, military leaders, intelligence analysts, scientists, and structural engineers and architects.

Highly Credible People Question 9/11

Based on the false (or incomplete) narrative, the US and its allies have launched wars now lasting almost ten years, killing hundreds of thousands including thousands of US servicemen, and costing literally trillions of dollars.  And there is no end in sight.  They also have systematically deprived us of our freedoms and privacy, even as they have promoted the great lie that the attackers "hate us for our freedoms."  In reality, they hate the US for US foreign policy.  Just read the extensively documented evidence straight from the horses' mouths.

Why They Hate Us

And finally, any who revere the Constitution, consider themselves Tea Partiers, or are (gasp!) members of the military who SWEAR AN OATH "to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC," should come out against the multiple "wars" (cough... "kinetic military actions") the US is fighting, instead of blindly supporting them due to misguided patriotism.

Violating the Constitution with an Illegal War, by Ron Paul

Thanks, you may now return to your regularly scheduled PROGRAMMING.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ron Paul Wins Debate In a Landslide... Ignored and Manipulated by Mainstream Media, Again

By 53.5% to 16% for closest candidate Romney.  But notice how his bar in the graph is nowhere near the more than triple in size it should be.

With over 160,000 voters, the poll cannot be dismissed as small.  However, if even noticed by the usual suspects, the results will be disparaged because the participants are too "young, enthusiastic, computer-savvy, idealistic," etc.  As if a poll of the old, bored, computer-illiterate, and cynical would be better.

Hollywood As Pentagon Propaganda Arm, or You've Been Brainwashed Since at Least Top Gun
Probably one of the most important articles on our military you'll ever read.  Perhaps at least one war-lover will wake up.

Basically the military itself admits it is a "product," to be sold to the US public just the same as Coca-Cola, but with our own tax dollars.

Some excerpts:

"allowing Pentagon officials to line edit scripts"

"the Pentagon so aggressively permitting and denying such access on the basis of a filmmakers’ loyalty to a pro-militarist message"

"instead of simply waiting for Hollywood studios to pitch collaboration projects as they have in the past, military brass are now actively soliciting bids for studios to make recruitment ads camouflaged as a political feature film"

"taxpayer-paid real-life soldiers ordered to also be actors"

"all those military planes and tanks and warships are funded by your and my taxpayer dollars. That makes them not the private assets of some military spinmeister - it makes them all of our property. Thus, when the government decides to grant and deny the public access to that property on the basis of a citizen’s particular political/ideological bent, it is inherently abridging that citizen’s First Amendment rights."

"because the military so aggressively uses our public property to preference saber-rattling propaganda - entertainment industry economics are unduly tilted toward projects that glorify militarism. That, in turn, tilts our entire culture toward war."