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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hollywood As Pentagon Propaganda Arm, or You've Been Brainwashed Since at Least Top Gun
Probably one of the most important articles on our military you'll ever read.  Perhaps at least one war-lover will wake up.

Basically the military itself admits it is a "product," to be sold to the US public just the same as Coca-Cola, but with our own tax dollars.

Some excerpts:

"allowing Pentagon officials to line edit scripts"

"the Pentagon so aggressively permitting and denying such access on the basis of a filmmakers’ loyalty to a pro-militarist message"

"instead of simply waiting for Hollywood studios to pitch collaboration projects as they have in the past, military brass are now actively soliciting bids for studios to make recruitment ads camouflaged as a political feature film"

"taxpayer-paid real-life soldiers ordered to also be actors"

"all those military planes and tanks and warships are funded by your and my taxpayer dollars. That makes them not the private assets of some military spinmeister - it makes them all of our property. Thus, when the government decides to grant and deny the public access to that property on the basis of a citizen’s particular political/ideological bent, it is inherently abridging that citizen’s First Amendment rights."

"because the military so aggressively uses our public property to preference saber-rattling propaganda - entertainment industry economics are unduly tilted toward projects that glorify militarism. That, in turn, tilts our entire culture toward war."

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