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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weekend Update, No. 2

Back again with the best of the best through November 6, actually published on the weekend this time.  Weighs in even heavier.

The Monetary Economics of Halloween Candy, by Jeffrey Tucker 
Awesome description of spontaneous free-market formation and use of commodity money.  Kids get it.

Forgotten Anniversary: One Hundred Years of Legal Tender, by Antal E. Fekete
An historical account and denunciation of government control of money, and of the evils to which it leads.  The "real bills" sections are controversial, but the rest is pure gold.

John Stuart Mill and the Dangers to Liberty, by Dr. Richard Ebeling
Comment on the classic essay "On Liberty" by John Stuart Mill.  Pay particular attention to the concepts of the tyranny of one over many and the tyranny of the many over one.  Brings to mind the more thorough demolition of the popularly held ideal in "Democracy: The God that Failed." by Hans-Hermann Hoppe and an identically titled essay by Pat Buchanan.  Buchanan quotes John Adams in closing his essay, "Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide."

Pig Plague Could Crash Internet, by The Daily Bell
Yet more government fear-mongering and hype to justify further control of the serfs.  "The theme - or meme - is being utilized to suggest additional control of the Internet, which is of special concern to the monetary elite we think. It is a somewhat startling jump to contemplate that something like swine flu could end up being a justification for an emergency takeover of the Internet, but that seems to be what the article is implying."  Why control the internet?  Because it is virtually the only tool to learn of the evils of government and its enabler, fractional-reserve/central banking.  No, I am not being dramatic.

Relentless Advance of Technology, by Trace Mayer, JD
Wow.  Read and watch the first video.  Then check out the linked absolutely mind-blowing video from Stefan Molyneux.  Again, wow.

How Government Programs Drive Up College Tuitions, by Peter Schiff
Video.  Post WWII, it took one month of working in a factory to afford a year's tuition at Yale.  Now?  More than one year.  Brilliant Schiff explains it all.

Cure Millions of Leprosy -- or Just Give Hank Paulson a Tax Break? by Matt Bivens
More good work from the emergency medicine team.  From a slightly left perspective (railing against the Bush tax cuts), but otherwise spot-on and tragically hilarious reading.

The Nanny State, by James Quinn
Quinn is back again with his weekly article and hits another homerun.  Destroys government healthcare.  Destroys it.

The Goal Is Freedom: The Welfare State Corrupts Absolutely, by Sheldon Richman
"I don’t see how any theory of political obligation rooted in popular sovereignty that could regard this bill as morally binding when it becomes “law.” The process mocks the philosophy expressed in the Declaration of Independence. It insults the intelligence. It disgraces everything decent about this country."  Why do you have to go to the internet to find writing such as this?

Gold and Freedom, by Jacob G. Hornberger
Explains it all by outlining the history of money in the US.  Unmasks Lincoln and Roosevelt for the criminals they were.  Long, but if you get through this, you'll get it.

Climate Change Treaty a Precursor to Global Government, by Chuck Baldwin
This story ought to be headlining national news daily until everyone in this country was well informed.  No chance of that.  But you can read how they are planning on enslaving us further, in part by adding a new layer to the top of the government racket.  And it is a racket.  Taxes are the equivalent of "protection money."

Government Statistics and Lies, by Ron Paul
"Economist John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics has estimated that if the original methodology of CPI had not changed, Social Security checks would be nearly double what they are today."  Again, will never appear in popular media.  Translation: government rigs the inflation statistics so as to minimize benefits and screw taxpayers double.

A Society that Venerates Lawyers More than Doctors, by Dennis Prager
Needs no explanation.

The 'Costs' of Medical Care, by Thomas Sowell
More common sense from Tom.

A Penchant for Controlling Others, by Lew Rockwell
The people will always vote to restrict others despite their own lost freedoms and the inevitable failure of such policies.

The Double Standard About Journos' Bias, by John Stossel
John explains his evolution in thinking towards limited government and free markets, and how it has gotten him hypocritically labelled as biased.  I always have trusted this reporter, even back in his early days on 20/20.  He is one of the few who actually dare to say what they believe, rather than just mouth someone else's lines.

True Conservatives Just Want a Turn, by Jonah Goldberg
The article is worth a read just for a recap of the multiple horrors imposed on us by W that many "conservatives" wish to ignore, particularly in light of how liberals demonized him even though he was continually advocating and enacting their own policies.

Robbery and the Welfare State, by George C. Leef
Breaks down the opportunity costs, immorality, and the perverse incentives of the US welfare state.  Explains how welfare benefits effectively sentence the poor to multi-generational dependency.  Book review.

Daylight-saving time may cause heart attacks, accidents, by William Shughart
More material against DST.

Swine Flu -- One of the Most Massive Cover-ups in American History, by Drs. Joseph Mercola and Russell Blaylock
Incredible.  Destroys the rationale for flu vaccination.  Exposes the CDC and the media as two arms of pharmaceutical and government propaganda.

Cancer in the Skies, by Becky Akers
The hilarious Ms. Akers details the uselessness, waste, and degeneracy of the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), in particular their perverted full-body scanning cancer-causing X-ray machines.

We're Governed by Callous Children, by Peggy Noonan
People are increasingly fed up with government at all levels.  Our rulers almost universally come from privileged families and have no grasp on the reality that their actions are ruining the country, leading to real hardship for citizens with which they have absolutely no connection.

The Right to Remain Loud, by Phil Maymin
Rights are not granted by government.  They are yours simply for being human.  Or, if you prefer, they are God-given.  Government is supposed to protect rights, not grant them or regulate them.  Many in politics, including the entire UN, do not get this concept.

Faith in Physics, by George Giles
Leads to faith in God.  Libertarianism does not equal athiesm.  Comment from a scientist on the leading edge.

Going "Undercover" to Punish "Economic Crimes," by William Grigg
Incredible evidence that we have virtually no freedom anymore.  The government and the cops are completely out of control.

Legislative Voting Fraud (Texas), by Karl Denninger
Even at the state level, our rulers don't follow their own rules.  They run around voting for others as fast as they can, like ants scrambling for crumbs.  Cheaters and liars.  With essential embedded video.

Revolution's Eve - 11/5/2012, by the Year of Youth Project 2012
Remember, remember the 5th of November.  If you don't get the reference, either watch V for Vendetta, which is an awesome movie, or read about Guy Fawkes Night on Wikipedia.  Not all youth are brainless Obamatons.  Check out the literature pictured at the 1:07 mark.

Marriage License & Registration, Please, by Steve Bierfeldt
The government has no role in marriage.  None.  It is purely an issue between two individuals or two individuals and God.  We don't need the government's permission to marry.  Pay particular attention to the horrors one couple has endured in being refused government recognition of their marriage.  It includes the kidnapping of their child by the State.

My eyes are forever opened - My story, briefly, by John Kern
Yet another man wakens from political slumber to find his country unrecognizable, devoid of its own ideals.  "Everywhere I look, I see something that impedes my freedom, or someone who doesn't care to defend their own."  Pretty well describes my own experience.

Kiss Your Freedoms Goodbye if Health Care Passes, by Andrew Napolitano
"It will raise your taxes, steal your freedom, invade your privacy, and ration your health care. Even the Republicans have introduced their version of Obamacare Lite."  The Judge spares no one from the sword.  Watch out, America.  Fox recently had Judge Napolitano guest hosting Glenn Beck.  There is growing demand for his show Freedom Watch, now only available online, to make it to Fox News.  Could be the next domino to fall.

A Gun Free Zone at Ft. Hood, by Jacob Hornberger
Yes, as insane as it sounds, US military bases are gun-free zones, except for special permission while training.  So, while it is likely that every single victim had the skills necessary to stop the slaughter, all were turned to victims by the very government they died serving.  One comment is especially insightful.  "So we have: 1. a government mandated gun-free zone, 2. a government-run healthcare facility, 3. a government employee not happy with its interventionist policy, 4. more dead and wounded government employees.  See a pattern here. Glimpse of the future?"  Exactly.

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