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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Midweek Musical Interlude - Stone In My Hand, by Everlast

The unofficial PB theme song.

Full lyrics here.  For an HD (720p) version look here.

No matter how many times we watch, it still gives us chills.  David vs. Goliath for the modern age of State tyranny.

As one blogger put it:
Some people may ask “What hope does a man with a stone have against a tank?”  Some would answer “What hope do you have defeating a people that will throw rocks at tanks?”
Not much.  As the Afghans and Iraqis are trying to teach, but we'll never learn.  A few AKs and improvised IEDs vs. the mightiest trillion-dollar military the world has ever known?  No contest.  The Russians were shown in the 1980s.  The North Vietnamese illustrated in the 1970s.  Hell, we played the role in the 1770s.  You simply cannot defeat a determined people who are willing to lose everything defending their homeland, well, perhaps unless you nuke them.
You build your fighter jets you drop your bombs,
You kill our fathers you kill our moms
You kill our brother and our sisters, and our uncles and our aunts
Still I'm fighting with the stone that's in my hand
What our militaristic government dismisses as "collateral damage" is in actuality the murder of civilians in no way connected to 9/11.  Obviously this creates "blowback," or rather generations of utterly determined fighters who rightly feel that they've got a score to settle.  If China occupied the US in order to "make the world safe for communism" and dropped a bomb on your house because they thought you had weapons, thereby killing your family members, how would you respond?
So if you've had enough and you're ready for your stand
I'll be waiting with the stone that's in my hand
When it comes to "enough," we consider much more than military abuses when settling the score.  By our count, "enough" was passed long, long ago.  It's time to throw some stones.  Which is exactly our mission here at PB.


On the same album, Love, War, and the Ghost of Whitey Ford, Everlast opens up with anti-State invective that even he reckons will land himself in the cross-hairs of the Secret Service.  "Kill the Emperor" is the most minimally camouflaged call for political violence I believe could ever find its way onto a popular album.  See the unbelievable lyrics here, which include "they rape the constitution while you wait in your cell," "f*** the New York Times, f*** CNN, politicians that pretend to be the working mans' friend" and "I'm on the palace lawn with my live grenade."  Whoa.  The song itself doesn't do much for me, but if you want to listen, try here.

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