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Saturday, March 27, 2010

WU, No. 22: Black Sunday Special Edition

It's a supreme irony that the first day of astronomic spring this year was also the first day of our American medical winter.  The countdown to the employment of all physicians by the federal government has officially begun.  If you dare to "stare into these eyes," you just might recognize a certain key member of the House.

The Health Plan's Devilish Principles, by Murray Rothbard
Written against Hillarycare in '94.  No less relevant today.

Healthcare Reform Passes, by Ron Paul
The only politician with a coherent take.  But like they do with most physicians, the masses will ignore him, then blame him.

Health Care and Detroit: Killed by Government, by Gary North
The mechanism is the same.  Be sure to check out his medical predictions, with which I concur.

Don't Believe the Numbers, Obamacare is a Financial Disaster, by Michael Pollaro
Expands on an editorial published, of all places, in the NY Times that calls BS on the CBO's financial analysis.

New Health-Care Taxes Help Obama 'Spread the Wealth," by Ryan J. Donmoyer
They'll also 'help' him destroy the economy.

States Sue Over Overhaul That Will Bust State Budgets, by Pat Wechsler
The colossal expense is hidden by passing it on to the bankrupt states.

20 Ways ObamaCare Will Take Away Our Freedoms, by David Hogberg
Physicians ought to take note of Nos. 11-13.  Particularly the chilling 11.

Pay for Performance: An Early Target for Revolutionary Repeal of Obamacare, by David McKalip
Another physician explores No. 11, otherwise known as "Pay for Performance." Yeah, right.

Health Care: Arbitrage Obama And The Dems, by Karl Denninger
Logical analysis of what the bill's provisions mean in the real world, where individuals act based on their own self-interest rather than high on liberal pixie dust.  It ain't good.

The Founders' View on National Health Care, by Edwin Vieira, Jr.
Like anyone even pretends to care anymore.

A Way Out of Soviet-Style Health Care, by Milton Friedman
Solzhenitsyn knew that state medicine is depersonalized medicine.

Dr. Leviathan Will See You Now, by William Grigg
Nietzsche knew that the only prescription is theft, slavery, suffering, and death.

Obamacare To Be Enforced By Armed Thugs, by Paul Joseph Watson
The IRS.  Soon with 16,500 new agents wielding riot shotguns.

Imploding America, by Jack D. Douglas
On the clown president BO and his "health care" burger.

Harry Potter Medicine, by 911doc
Perfect logo for Obamacare and perfect solution.  If only it were so easy.

November, 2010: More Rearranging of Deck Chairs, by Scott Lazarowicz
Republicans are hysterical pretending they will repeal Obamacare once in power.  Which socialist programs did they repeal when they controlled the House, Senate, Supreme Court, and White House under W?  Zero.  They implemented more socialist programs.

Time to shift gears.  We haven't ignored everything else that's been going on this week.

Hipsters on Food Stamps, by Jennifer Bleyer
When educated youth from well-off families believe that accepting welfare is cool, your society is doomed.

Good-bye: Truth Has Fallen and Taken Liberty with It, by Paul Craig Roberts
Veteran commenter calls it quits, noting that the pen is no longer mightier.

Vermont Secession Strategy, by Kirkpatrick Sale
"The Problem: The American Empire is the largest, wealthiest, most powerful, most materialistic, most racist, most militaristic, most violent empire of all time. It is owned, operated, and controlled by Wall Street, Corporate America, and the Israeli Lobby. It has lost its moral authority and is unsustainable, ungovernable, and, therefore, unfixable."

Iranians train Taliban to use roadside bombs, by Miles Amoore Kabul
Last week they were linking up with al-Qaeda.  What's next?  Being bombed.

Lights, Camera, Distraction!  Zionist Deception Paves The Way For War On Iran, by Keith Johnson
The "strained relationship" between the US and Israel as a ruse.

Residents powerless to remove illegal immigrants from their gardens, by the Daily Mail
No, not in the US.  Not yet.  But rest assured our rulers are working on it.

Barack Husein Obama and Indonesia: there's no place like home, by Mary Ellen Synon
The repercussions of having our first third world president.

After Nationalizing Health Care, Next They Will Come For Your IRA & Retirement Benefits, by Ron Holland
Anyone with an IRA or 401k had better prepare for the US downward spiral.

The creepy tyranny of Canada's hate speech laws, by Glenn Greenwald
Left-liberal supports Ann Coulter, and rightly so.

From the Genesis Garden to Galapagos and Back, by Bill Sardi
Mind-blowing introduction to DNA methylation and histones.  Guaranteed to change everything you thought you knew about inheritance.

Vitamin D better at preventing flu than vaccines, report claims, by Oliver Gillie
Guess which one's more harmful.  Now guess which one your doctor will recommend.

The Dark Side of Wheat - New Perspectives on Celiac Disease and Wheat Intolerance, by Sayer Ji
Bread as the narcotic of civilization.  See also his follow-up article.  Time to rethink your diet.

100 Must See Movies: The Essential Men's Movie Library, by Brett and Kate McKay
Sure beats High School Musical 8.

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