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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weekend Update, No. 5

A particularly appropriate lead article this week.  As mentioned in last week's update, what you were taught (propagandized) in school just ain't true.  Read works of historical revisionism to clear your mind.

The Great Thanksgiving Hoax, by Richard J. Maybury
The true story of Thanksgiving that you were never taught in school.  The Pilgrims and other early American settlers were socialists.  Suffering hardship, starvation, and mass death under this system, their conversion to a capitalist system resulted in surpluses and joyous feasting.  Seriously.

Nuclear No-Contest, by James P. Hogan
Incredible article explaining why the most feared energy source is humanity's most important.  "...Nuclear is safer, cleaner, and potentially cheaper and more abundant than any other proven source of energy that the human race has come up with."  The reason?  The concept of energy density, perhaps best explained by another quote.  "It's easy to calculate how much energy it takes to lift three hundred people across the Atlantic, and how much wood you'd need to burn to release that much energy. Okay, now try building a wood-burning 757. It won't work. The mountain of logs will never get itself off the ground. You need the concentration of jet fuel."  Nuclear will take us to an entirely new level.  Dismisses the irrational fears and debunks the misguided dreaming of solar enthusiasts.  Essential reading.

Health 'Reform' Gets a Failing Grade, by Jeffrey S. Flier
WOW! Sometimes the causes of truth and freedom get a crucial boost from the most unexpected of sources.  Dr. Flier is dean of Harvard Medical School.  Who would have ever thought we would read such words as "deceptive", "denial", "accelerate spending", and "overregulating" from such a source?  He amazingly concludes that the proposed reforms are simply a ploy to "more drastically change the organization and funding of health care in America," i.e. socialize medicine!  Could it be that a proponent of the free market has risen to a position of power in one of our most liberal bastions?

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck, by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
Fantastic and I believe sincere letter attempting to persuade the one mainstream pundit who offers even the merest hint of having a clue.  Convincing argument why Beck's rally should be held at the Jefferson Memorial, rather than Lincoln's.

Were Swine Flu Death Projections Hyped? by Adam Murdock, MD
Did our government mislead us as to the dangers of swine flu?  If so, to what end?  Cui bono?  The pharmaceutical companies perhaps?  Government itself?  More and more independent-minded physicians are questioning the propaganda.  Your humble author/editor, as a full-time emergency physician himself, so far has admitted exactly one (1) patient to the hospital this year (through end November) with confirmed influenza A (likely H1N1), and that patient had severe COPD and had been admitted multiple times in the past year alone.

Too Kooky for the Constitution? by Jerry Salcido
Reveals mainstream Republican objections to Ron (and Rand) Paul as ridiculous.

"Cardio" Causes Heart Disease, by Kurt G. Harris, MD
Analysis of original research showing that aerobic "cardio" exercise increases your risk of heart attack.  Yes, increases.  Another sacred cow slain.

Rockwell's Thirty-Day Plan, by Lew Rockwell
In 30 days he dismantles the federal monster.  Name one (1) of his ideas that doesn't make perfect sense, that wouldn't help you significantly, yet would send most politicians into seizures to even contemplate.  Go ahead, try.

The Economics of Recycling, by Floy Lilley
Slays green dragons.  Forced recycling results in wasted natural and human resources.

Grand Ole Tyrants, by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
More from the master on Lincoln and the War for Southern Independence.

Libertarian Class Analysis, by Sheldon Richman
Two classes: the productive and the parasites.  Guess which includes government?  "The industrious must be shown that they are daily victims of the ruling political class."

Gun Control, Chicago-Style, by Steve Chapman
Numerous Chicago politicians have been caught with firearms they themselves have outlawed for their citizens.  But it's not a phenomenon isolated to Chicago.  Anywhere the gun laws are harsh, you will find outspoken gun control politicians and celebrities who flout them for their own protection.  The hypocrisy seems to go unnoticed by their liberal followers.  While at least the politicians realize how harmful their laws are, their sheep fall for the lies, leaving themselves vulnerable.

Murphy on the Great Confusion, by Gennady Stolyarov II
Reviews Murphy's The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Great Depression and the New Deal, where he dismantles the popular statist myths with which all indoctrinated students will be familiar, namely that lack of government intervention and regulation caused the Great Depression, that the New Deal and World War II saved the country.  Praises Murphy's ability to explain complex economic concepts to a general audience.  See also the other Politically Incorrect Guides on American History, Capitalism, and the Constitution, all linked at the bottom right under "Related Products."

Congress May Probe Leaked Global Warming E-Mails, by Declan McCullagh
Hooray, our saviors in DC ride to the rescue yet again!  Hopefully they'll have time with their packed schedule including "probing" steroid use and the BCS formula.  Seriously, this article is the best summary of the scandal I've yet read, and includes some particularly damaging excerpts from the emails.  The key formula for global warming is exposed: crappy, massaged data + buggy programming + immoral scientists + anti-capitalist agenda = blatant lies.

St. Paul and the Communists, by Frank Chodorov
Fantastically beautiful writing from Chodorov.  Parallels the conversion of St. Paul with our coming renunciation of the State.

The Cruelest Tax of All, by Sarel Oberholster
Explains just exactly what the 0% interest rate policy of the Federal Reserve means for savers: a 100% tax on interest income, or if you prefer, outright theft.  Yet another technique our government uses to punish the industrious and responsible.  End the Fed.

Gold, Freedom, and the Fed, by Jacob Hornberger
Awesome speech given at an End the Fed rally that perfectly explains in simple language the symbiotic relationship of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government, and how they rob us blind.

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