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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Weekend Update, No. 6

Whereby we explore the evidence of power elite control of the scientific establishment, and your editor enjoys Google image searching, hoping that the relevant parties share his views on IP.

New MS Procedure May Cure Disease in Days? by The Daily Bell
Analyzing the work of Dr. Zamboni, explained at greater length here, who single-handedly cured his wife's MS surgically.  Yeah, you read that right.  He has impressive evidence from many other patients similarly helped, though the medical establishment dismisses his work.  MS is traditionally viewed as an autoimmune disease.  How could it be treated surgically?  Here is yet another example of a simple, relatively low cost treatment that completely undermines the scientific consensus calling for a lifetime of drug therapy often with expensive, patented drugs.  A change in the status quo would cost the pharmaceutical industry billions.  Are we to believe their good will towards man outweighs their money lust at those levels?  Multiple other examples exist, perhaps most significantly in regards to suppression of the nutritional basis of disease and the exaggeration of the benefits of exercise in weight control, as highlighted by multiple sources linked by this site.  Consider also the use of helminths (worms) for the treatment of autoimmune disease.  Mentioned in mainstream media as long as a decade ago, this extremely promising therapy for a variety of disorders such as inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn's and ulcerative colitis), celiac disease, psoriasis, type I diabetes, asthma, anaphylaxis, and even MS (perhaps it is multifactorial) is still relatively poorly researched and almost completely unavailable to the millions who suffer from these debilitating disorders.  One media report on a recent study notes that every single subject voluntarily infected with hookworms declined medication at the end of the study to eradicate their parasites.  Here we have an essentially free, naturally-occurring treatment.  What hope does it have in competing with ridiculously expensive medications required for life often with debilitating side effects?  When the bought-off scientific establishment and media repress this knowledge, a pretty lousy one.  Yet more evidence that the Daily Bell has its keen ear to the ground, and knows what to listen for in multiple areas besides its strength in finance.

Global Warming: What is it all about? by Richard S. Lindzen
Note: PDF presentation download.  From MIT Professor of Atmospheric Sciences.  Examines the data and the hysteria, concluding that "science has been compromised if not corrupted. For the moment, institutional science is part of the problem rather than part of the solution."  Wow.

Global Warming and the Age of the Earth: A Lesson on the Nature of Scientific Knowledge, by David Deming
A geologist outlines one of the key concepts in science: we hardly ever know what we think we know.  It applies equally well to calculations of the age of the earth as it does to our understanding of climate.

UK Treasury Reveals Huge Secret Loans to Biggest Banks, by The Daily Bell
I wish I could sit down to a drink and cigar with the editors of this fine site.  They consistently uncover the significance of events the mainstream media cluelessly reports, and often offer gems such as "You cannot put a few fairly elderly people in a room together, ask them to fix the price and quantity of paper money using unworkable econometric projects and have anything good come of it. It is what it is: price fixing."  Here they also explain (in part) what is behind the elite emphasis on globalization.

Let There Be MONEY, by Andrew P. Napolitano
Beautiful, brief explanation of the monetary machinations of the Federal Reserve and its godlike prounouncements.  The result is more wealth to the Fed and its owners, and less wealth for you and me.  If it is the only thing this blog accomplishes, at least one person will come to realize that central banking is a deliberate, evil fraud.

JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters, by Edward Curtin
Book review of the James Douglass book of the same title.  Details the CIA's means, motive, and opportunity to take out its own president.  JFK's determination to dismantle the US war machine was too much for the military-security-industrial-complex to bear.  Politicians have gotten the message.  No one since has ever attempted the same, such that we now spend more than all other countries combined on our military.

The Exclusive Kingdom of God, by Paul Green
Christians, take note.  In this convincing article, Mr. Green convincingly demonstrates that government is a false god.  He quotes multiple Bible verses that drive home his points.  Particularly keen are Luke 4:5-6, which reveals government as the domain of Satan, and 1 Samuel 8, where God warns of the dangers of establishing a government.

The Plague of Self-Delusion, by Tim Case
Incredible if meandering article touching on a variety of the nation's ills all of which we were well forewarned by our founders.  Particularly interesting is his comparison of living standards in the 1920s as compared to today, with detailed figures of average income, expenses, and taxes.  By his calculation, to maintain the standard of living enjoyed in 1919, the "American family of today would need to have an income, after taxes, equal to or greater than $72,175.35 yearly."  After taxes!  A more significant degradation in our standard of living has only been prevented by the incredible advances of technology.  Unfortunately, we are about to witness the utter failure of even the most remarkable technology to keep pace with the destruction capable of being inflicted by an out of control all-consuming government.

Salaam to the Salahis, by Becky Akers
Praises the White House party crashers for exposing even the highest, most sacred levels of government as utterly incompetent.  Proceeds to outline a convincing parallel of the decadence and contempt for the suffering peasants seen in late 18th century France with the current administration's extravagances while US serfs suffer hungrily.  We know how things ended for France's rulers of that era.  Ms. Akers' writing never fails to entertain.

Secession and the State Militia, by Russell D. Longcore
If you're for the idea of state secession, then you have to support the idea of a state militia.  Ideally, secession is peaceful, but the world is far from an ideal place.

The Perils of Political Correctness--Left and Right, by Will Wilkinson
Important article pointing out that those with conservative viewpoints are also succeptible to the PC disease, though they often don't see it as such.  Questions the mindless praise of our military "keeping us safe," even as it increases its efforts in two foreign wars now more than eight years old, no doubt producing more potential terrorists than it kills.

Conservative or Liberal: Pick Your Poison, by Timothy Baldwin
Illustrates how harmful it is to adhere to labels whose meanings have been endlessly twisted and reversed entirely.  In so corrupting the language, thought is avoided and debate is skewed towards foolish ends.  Wake up to the fact that neither major US political party stands for freedom, and hasn't for quite a long time.

Hegelian Dialectic, by The Daily Bell
Defines the method whereby popular opinion is manipulated ever more away from freedom.  Explains a frequently encountered though poorly understood concept in brief format.

The Discoverer of HIV Speaks Out, by James Foye
And not only will you not believe what he is saying, but also will you never hear it in a mainstream source.  The key quote:  "We can be exposed to HIV many times without being chronically infected. Our immune system will get rid of the virus in a few weeks, if you have a good immune system."  He ties our resistance to the virus to our nutritional and hygeine status.  Yet another case where an expert in the field identifies nutrition as one of the (if not the only) key variables in health.

Dear Glenn Beck, by Russell D. Longcore
Another hopeful appeal to the one mainstream pundit who has a chance of helping to promote our message.  Suggests that Beck explore the topics of state sovereignty, nullification, and secession, if he thinks he can stand the heat.

Tom Smith and His Incredible Bread Machine, by R.W. Grant
In a short, light-hearted poem he illustrates the harm of business tax and the nonsense claims of price gouging, unfair competition, and monopoly.  Enjoyable.

The Fascism of Virginia's Smoking Ban, by Jacob G. Hornberger
Next time you're out enjoying a night of smoke-free dining thanks to state or local laws forbidding smoking in restaurants, realize that you're relishing in the trappings of a fascist state.  No, fascist is not exaggerated hysteria.  Words have meanings, no matter how statists try to twist them towards their ends.

Jury Nullification, by Russ Emal
Yet another critical component of our freedom that has been encroached upon systematically by the state.

Winning Hearts and Minds in Iraq, Southern Style, by Old Rebel
Iraqis rally to the cause of Southern independence.

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