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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Update, No. 17

Hushing Up Conspiracy Theories, by Jeff Riggenbach
The author of revisionist history (true history, not government school propaganda) reminds us that it is essential for the State to engender ridicule towards conspiracy theories, so as to discourage concerned, thinking citizens from exploring the motives and misdeeds of their rulers.  He goes on to criticize Cass Sunstein and his abhorrent views much the same way we did previously.  Readers, when you hear "conspiracy theory," that is the signal to pay attention.  Someone's trying to cover up something they would prefer you didn't know.

The Mysterious Death of Bush's Cyber-Guru, by Simon Worrall
Now that we're on the topic, here's one you likely haven't heard about.  Curious that the author of such a hard-hitting piece had to settle for publication in Maxim.  Read how said guru may have been taken out to prevent his imminent testimony on the Ohio 2004 election results.

Sarah Palin as Paid Hack, by The Daily Bell
OK, Palin supporters, I know you're not pleased with the last update.  This one's for you.  This week, based on her defiant "O'Reilly Factor" interview, The Daily Bell sees her in a somewhat more positive light.  O'Reilly, Beck, and Fox?  Not so much.  Rupert's gang is neocon to the bone, and they aren't having any of this libertarian or Ron Paul nonsense that we here at PB are so fond of.

Debra Medina, Glenn Beck, 911 Truth, and The Importance of Private Property, by Szandor Blestman
Texas gubernatorial candidate Medina is squarely in the Ron Paul mold.  Just as in the previous article, the gang at Fox doesn't miss a chance to attack and malign one with such views.  Blestman defends Medina and then some, rightly heaping praise on her "most interesting and enlightening stance on property taxes."  Eliminating them.  After all, "no man owns his property if he has to pay a rent on it to the state every year."  He then notes that we are "no better off than the serfs of old."  Exactly!  Property tax is even more evil than income tax.  At least one has a choice not to work -- for now.

The Truth About Political Correctness, by The Daily Bell
The Daily Bell once again takes it to the next level.  The Beck-Medina interview illustrates only one of many topics that are verboten not only in the mainstream media, but also in polite conversation.  Curious how all of these topics are absolutely crucial in maintaining the facade of government legitimacy.  Yet there's hope.  The global warming meme is now fair game, and appears to be toppling.

Only 21% Say U.S. Government Has Consent of the Governed, by Rasmussen Reports
The result is a great one, but I'd love to hear from those 1 in 5 who feel as if they have given their consent.  I've not spoken with one person (liberals very much included).  Of course, we have a similar number (18%) who are "not sure."  Seems like a pretty black and white matter to us.  75% are angry, but 39% either have given consent or aren't sure.  Once again, the apparently simple math fails.  Yet it appears we're most of the way towards our goal already!  People already realize our government is useless.  Unfortunately it would seem they still believe that electing the "right people" would make a difference.  It's only a matter of time before similar numbers realize that it's the institution, not the people, and just get rid of the whole (or nearly whole) thing.  Our last quote (at bottom) from Thoreau seems appropriate -- refer to sidebar if you haven't seen it.

Slandering Secession, by Jack Hunter
Progressive and neocon statists are in a tizzy, calling anyone who doesn't love the federal government with all of their heart and soul a racist or worse.  Never mind that these same folks supported the secession of former members of the USSR, or the break-up of Yugoslavia.  Never mind the sound legal principles involved.  Would you sign an eternally binding contract that could never be broken no matter the severity and nature of abuses of one party?  Yet that is exactly what these ignoramuses believe the sovereign states did when the Constitution was ratified.  And no, the Civil War didn't settle it.  No way.  To any half-wit who believes otherwise, violence settles nothing.  Legal principles are not settled by violence.  If so, when that burglar breaks in and steals your TV set, the legality of the matter is settled.

‘To the Size of States There Is a Limit’: Measurements for the Success of Secession, by Kirkpatrick Sale
Argues that the USA is too large by far to be a successful nation.  Analyzes data from around the globe to arrive at this conclusion.

Who's Afraid of 'Interposition'? by William N. Grigg
The eloquent Grigg uses examples from Lonesome Dove to Bastiat to illustrate the ridiculous notion that perfect submission to "authority" is always the proper course of action.  Nullification is a principle entirely supported by two of our most revered founders, Jefferson and Madison, demonstrated only in part by their authorship of the Kentucky and Virginia Revolutions of 1798.

Bill Would Ban Federal Currency in SC, by Adam Fogle
Well, if you actually read the bill, it doesn't exactly ban, but it does state that SC will "not recognize, employ, or compel any person or entity to recognize or employ anything other than silver and gold coin as a legal tender."  Unfortunately the article itself is filled with more nonsense, but that reflects on its author and the unnamed yet quoted "legal expert" rather than Rep. Mike Pitts, who introduced the bill.  The point is, more and more recognize the Federal Reserve/central banking/fiat money system the US has as nothing more than an unethical, un-Constitutional scheme to defraud the average citizen and appropriate his wealth.  While some are predictably ignorant and close-minded, an incredible number of comments display remarkable sophistication and understanding of the issue.

There is No Keynesian Miracle, by Paul Johnson
The stimulus didn't work.  The proposed jobs bill won't work.  Any government spending project won't work.  Sorry, Keynesians, but that's just how it is.  Your Lord is not divine.  There are not two different sets of economic principles for the individual or family and the government.  Microeconomics and macroeconomics are fictions.  There is only economics.

How Global Fiat Money Dies, by The Daily Bell
You'll have to read the usually excellent analysis to find out exactly how, but you'll perhaps be surprised to know that it's the Internet playing a crucial role.

The Census and the Constitution, by Walter Williams
While it's nothing that hasn't already been covered on these very pages, when civil disobedience is encouraged by a mainstream journalist in the popular media, you must take notice.

TSA Takes Explosives Screening to Fliers, by Thomas Frank
Sinking deeper into the morass of police state USA.  No, it's not enough to be herded, interrogated, partially unclothed, searched, scanned with mutagenic X-ray vision, and limited to ridiculously small amounts of toiletries.  We must also be approached at "random" throughout the airport, swabbed and tested for potentially dangerous chemicals, all to keep us safe from those terrorists that our own government aids in boarding flights despite the objections of security at international airports.

Martial Law in America: No Longer Just a Possibility! by Gary D. Barnett
The legal framework is already in place.  The boots, assault rifles, and armored personnel carriers are already on the ground.  If you can't read the writing on the wall, read Barnett's super-scary article.

Terrorism Is Terrorism: An American Contradiction in Terms, by Gary D. Barnett
Exposes the hypocrisy and immorality of the country and its war supporters for all to see.

True Conservatives Condemn Military Tribunals for Terrorists, by Rick Ungar
Uses sound Constitutional principle to demonstrate that our policies in the Global War On Terrorism are illegal, even as the war mongers and torture fans cheer loudly.

Busting the Safety Net, by Charles Hugh Smith
Gives examples of the insanity of our system and provides hard data that can only mean the utter failure of our government due primarily to its socialist entitlements.

Down With the Presidency, by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
A timely classic speech given "near the imperial capital on October 6, 1996."  The main argument is that the office has usurped powers never envisioned by the Founders in their scariest nightmares, resulting in the transformation of our republic into a totalitarian dictatorship.  See also the identically-titled update by Thomas R. Eddlem, which includes the abuses of King Bush and Caesar Obama.



  1. Great collection of must-reads! The cartoon, "My first cavity search," is priceless.

  2. Thanks again for the feedback. Yeah, the cavity search illustration is probably my favorite part of this week's post. Keep up the good work.