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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Midweek Musical Interlude - Copperhead Road, by Steve Earle

Hey, America, here is more of the history you were never taught in school.

Earle's story echoes back to one of the nation's first challenges, The Whiskey Rebellion, one that was answered with the typical government violence against those who thought themselves free.  This same puritanical bent was manifested again, early in the 20th century with our ill-conceived Prohibition.  The dreaded 18th was repealed when the g-men figured out that it was far more profitable to reimpose their tax.

How utterly ridiculous.  Grow corn, receive government subsidy.  Ferment corn, subject yourself to taxation, which currently stands at a punitive $2.14 per 80 proof 750 ml bottle.

The bold avoid such tyrannical measures by distilling their own.  Marvelous instructions here.  You can construct your own still from commercially available parts for around $100.

Note the liberal use of bagpipes in the song, an obvious homage to the Scots-Irish background of the moonshiners.  This group is none too fond of government and being told what to do.  They settled primarily in the Appalachians, and I am proud to consider myself a part of such a wonderful tradition.

Even today, where your editor makes his home, you can easily purchase moonshine by the quart in a Mason jar, tax free.

Hey, revenuers, go ***** yourselves!  Harsh?  Consider that when our criminal government couldn't confiscate its precious revenue, it resorted to poisoning the serfs to the point of murdering hundreds.

Just as in Prohibition, they're once again on the case in our obviously futile War on Drugs.  Contemplate for yourselves just how ridiculous it is to wage war on a plant.  A plant!  Yes, our government presumes to outlaw growing a plant!

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