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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Update, No. 18

Massive week for Ron Paul and freedom lovers everywhere.  His win in the CPAC presidential straw poll is BIG news.

Ron Paul! by Justin Raimondo
Raimondo is rightfully excited, realizing the importance of Ron's win.  He dissects the predictable neocons who are "angry that people are beginning to question the previously unquestionable."  PB doesn't find Paul's win surprising -- it's about time.  What we do find shocking is the second place finisher, one we have oft seen described as "the Mormon Ted Kennedy."  Where is his support coming from?

Carpe Diem, Dr. Paul! by Mark R. Crovelli
Makes a convincing argument that Ron Paul should declare his candidacy now.

The Question I Asked Ron Paul, by Thomas Woods
It's a clever one.  Read Ron's answer in this brief post.

Fox News Scrambles to Discredit CPAC After Ron Paul Wins Presidential Poll, by Stephen C. Webster
Fox is neocon.  Ron is not.  Fox smeared Ron in the 2008 presidential campaign.  Expect them to ramp up their efforts.  Obviously, they are afraid.  However, it does get worse.  The progressive Washington Post doesn't see fit to mention Ron as a contender for the GOP nomination on the Monday after his big win, even as they bring up Romney's CPAC speech.  This level of bias is unforgivable.  I had no choice but to vent, writing the author:

Gee, Chris, given that Ron Paul won the CPAC straw poll this very week, and that absolutely incredible numbers are flocking to his Campaign for Liberty and supporting his bill to audit (and end) the Fed, you might actually just mention his name?  But no, no matter what the people say, you and other smug, elitist journalists believe it's you who get to decide for us commoners who our candidates are.  The people have spoken, and we support Ron Paul.  Every time you or one of your colleagues either ignores us or attempts to discredit us, the freedom movement and our utter contempt for you and the old media will only grow.  Your omission of Paul was not an oversight, and not the result of a legitimate view that he is not a significant player in GOP presidential politics.  It is only a deliberate attempt to marginalize and harm Ron Paul, and to prevent his message from getting out even more.  Nice try.
Haven't gotten a reply.

Lew Rockwell on von Mises, Ron Paul, Free-Markets and the Future of Freedom, by The Daily Bell
Two giants of free-market thought get together for an interview.

Inside the Beltway, by Jennifer Harper
WHOA!  9/11 truth, anyone?  When the lead investigator on the 9/11 Commission believes their report is a joke...

Washington Times Covers 9/11 Controversy, by The Daily Bell
You must read their typically excellent analysis of the above.

The US Is Leading Us All Down the Road to Armageddon, by Paul Craig Roberts
Yet another outstanding analysis on the groundbreaking article.  Don't you find it curious that "truther" has been made into a dirty word?  No, no, dear citizen, you must never seek the truth!

Pentagon Strike
Extremely slick Flash video that will make you question the official story of what transpired at the Pentagon on 9/11.

The Simpsons Against The State, by Tom Finnigan
Details the "first family's" libertarian message.  The section on military recruiters is laugh out loud funny.

Anointed Leader Of Conservative Movement Glenn Beck Now Believes In Global Warming, by Paul Joseph Watson
Conservative heroes exposed, part I.  See also the follow-up.  Beck doesn't have any core beliefs.  He just says what he's told.

New U.S. Senator Helps Democrats Advance Jobs Bill, by Andy Sullivan
Conservative heroes exposed, part II.  Socialist Scotty Brown.

Beware of McCain's Freedom-Destroying Dietary Supplement Regulatory Bill, by Ann Shibler
Conservative heroes exposed, part III.  Millions of you voted for him for president???

The GOP's "Small Government" Tea Party Fraud, by Glenn Greenwald
Don't believe the GOP hype.

21st Century Breakdown, by James Quinn
If you're not familiar with Strauss & Howe's compelling generational analysis and how it pertains to our current dire situation, read on.

The Politics of Obedience, by Etienne de la Boetie
The masterwork of the "first libertarian political philosopher in the Western world."  Also read Rothbard's outstanding analysis.

A Society of Criminals, by Ben O'Neill
The common thief is on higher moral ground than supporters of government redistribution.

CNN Poll: Majority Says Government a Threat to Citizens' Rights, by Paul Steinhauser
Umm, didn't we institute government to protect our rights?

Suit Possible Over Baby DNA Sent to Military Lab for National Database, by Mary Ann Roser
The words "military" and "national database" should never be seen together in a sentence.

Tyrants, Torturers, and Taxmen: Pillars of "Civilization," by William Grigg
For the IRS, it's us vs. them.

Sheep-Shearing Season on the Revenue Ranch, by William Grigg
The police are also excellent tax harvesters.

Government, Yes! The Divine and Parents, No! by Dennis Prager
The State knows better than you and God.

Politicians Against the People, by Greg Crosby
Reprints most of Charley Reese's classic article blaming the 545 guilty parties.

Wall Street's Bailout Hustle, by Matt Taibbi
Billionaires sucessfully employ the same tactics as common crooks on the street.

Whose Body Is It? by John Stossel
Obviously, it's the State's.

'My Heart, My Choice,' Williams Says, Defending Decision for U.S. Heart Surgery, by Tara Brautigam
Canadian PM flees the socialist healthcare hell for his own good.  After the progressives here in the US have had their way, the elites will probably go to India instead.

Terrorism: The Most Meaningless and Manipulated Word, by Glenn Greenwald
Dissecting and exposing newsspeak.

Thoughts on an Interview with General Stanley McChrystal, by Fred Reed
Again, Reed is hilarious.  Yields another LOL moment.

Secession: Getting it Right this Time Around, by Jonathan M. Kolkey
Interesting, sincere advice Southerners will find hard to swallow.

We Don't Need No State Education, by Sheldon Richman
Leave them kids alone.

Doomed from the Start: The Myth of Limited Constitutional Government in America, by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
The government is the only party allowed to determine the legality of its actions.  How do you imagine it might find?

Wilson's War, by George C. Leef
The progressive Wilson drug us into a war we had no business fighting.  If we would only have stayed out of it, there would have been no Hitler and no WWII.

EU Plans Longer Maternity Leave, by David Charter
Gee, going broke?  Give out more "free" stuff.

Weaponizing Mozart, by Brendan O'Neill
More on how Europe is broken.

CAIR Files EEOC Complaint Against Abercrombie & Fitch
Because Islamic head scarves are oh so en vogue.



  1. Re: Your FOX News anti-Ron Paul article

    I was listening to Sean Hannity the other day (I only listen to talk radio, he was the only station I could tune in, and it was either him or Ke$sha singing a song about brushing her teeth with Jack Daniels . . . I chose the lesser of two evils) . . .

    Anyway . . . he was BLASTING the American people for thinking about a "third party." Refused to even acknowledge the Libertarians. Just kept calling them "a third party" and how they will destroy America because they will take too many votes away from the Republicans and then Republicans will lose elections, blah, blah, blah.

    Eventually . . . I decided to ride in silence.

  2. More evidence that Hannity & Co. are GOP/neocon shills. I think that "conservatives" were (and for the most part) and continue to be so happy that an alternative to the networks and CNN even exists that they don't bother even to analyze the message. They just swallow it whole. Anyone who wants what's best for the US *and* who has a brain will realize that what the mainstream of the GOP stands for just wont do. So keep on tuning out Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck, Huckabee, and the others. About the only worthwhile Fox personality is Judge Andrew Napolitano. Unfortunately his "Freedom Watch" is web only.