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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Update, No. 20

75 Years of Funny Money, by Martin Masse
The fraud and theft of central banking and fiat money exposed in a major national newspaper.  OK, admittedly, a Candadian one.  Still, as a commenter notes, it's thanks to the groundwork of many finally finding a wider audience through the internet and websites such as and  He writes, "since the Bank of Canada was created, the [Candadian] dollar has lost 94% of its value."  For the Federal Reserve, it's even worse.  Yet both institutions stated mission is to maintain stability of the currency.  Obviously, it's the unstated mission that is being pursued.  If inflation is a mystery to you, this article is a must read.  Bottom line:
All the gobbledegook that passes for monetary economics nowadays aims to obscure the basic economic fact that central banks make us poorer....  In a sane world, central banking would today be considered an act of expropriation and would be abolished.
Nice.  We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

One US Soldier's Struggle to Reintegrate, by The Daily Bell
Financial impoverishment is far from the only consequence of the central banking regime we all suffer under.  Emotional and spiritual depletion is perhaps the most striking result.
This young man obviously does not find much meaning in modern American civilian life. In fact, life under a mercantilist25 central-banking fiat-money26 regime can be hollow. As the power elite27 seeks to consolidate wealth and authority, most or all elements of society are eventually compromised. People lead inauthentic lives of quiet desperation because they have to make a living, even though they know they are not truly contributing to the general welfare of society - or even furthering their own family's prospects, generationally.
Exactly.  Be sure to read the rest of their typically insightful analysis.

Gold: Get Some, by Bill Sardi
One of the answers to the problems detailed above.  Just about the only way to reliably protect one's wealth in an inflationary (confiscatory) world.  We've detailed before how the fiat money game forces savers into the stock market in an essentially hopeless attempt to keep up, while further enriching the very same bankers through endless fees and commissions.  For the past decade, gold has been simpler and more profitable.  The trend is certain to hold if not accelerate in the years ahead.

Rothschilds & Rockefellers -- Trillionaires of the World, by Prison Planet
We have already covered who loses the central banking/fiat money game.  Us.  But who wins?  Not only governments and their favored constituents, but of course, also the bankers.  This article, while more cobbled together than written, provides more than a few interesting details.  Those popular lists of the world's wealthiest have been scrubbed.  Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and now, Carlos Slim the most wealthy and powerful individuals on the planet?  Don't make us laugh.  Theirs is new money.  Compound that type of wealth over hundreds of years and see just exactly what you get (more here, here, here, and here).  More on Wikipedia.  Check our sidebar for the telling Rothschild quote.

Thinking for Oneself, by Leonard Reed
Exactly what PB is all about.  A meager attempt to stimulate "a nation of people, the vast majority of whom do no thinking for themselves in the area of political economy, [who hold] positions on matters of the deepest social import formed from nothing more profound than radio, TV, and newspaper commentaries, or casual, off-the-cuff opinions, or the outpourings of popularity seekers!"  It's even worse when you know that the radio, TV, and newspapers are controlled by those who wish to control us.

The Constitution Does Not Protect Our Property, by Tom Mullen
Against Constitution worship.  The convention was called to increase government power.  The addition of a single word may have given us a chance.  Its omission has led to our servitude.  As Mullen questions, was it "history's most colossal error?"  When the Federalist platform is considered, he decides that the Constitutional "unlimited power to tax and lack of protection of property seem... more like deliberate intention."

Exhibitionists for the State, by Jim Fedako
Definitively answers the question, "What do I care? I have nothing to hide."

The National Worker ID Card as an Evil Instrument of Control, by Robert Wenzel
Utterly frightening thought experiment on where we will be led by our masters, if we accept any of their multiple attempts at a national ID card.  Their latest strategy is to get us to accept it through the premise that they are trying to curb employment of illegal immigrants.  Ha!  Even as Obama, Graham, and Schumer push their amnesty bill.

Census Law, by Walter Block
Brief blog post on how to handle the ever more intrusive census, which is coming out this month.
Huffington Post Kills Jesse Ventura's Piece on 9/11, by Dick Russell
The last two weeks, PB has covered 9/11.  After almost nine years, it's a topic where more and more are questioning the official "truth."  However, to do so is still taboo.  You can read the article that was too hot for the state-worshiping HuffPo to post.  The scientific paper Ventura refers to, on nano-thermite present in WTC dust, published in the Open Chemical Physics Journal can be found here.  Ventura's article is worth two minutes of everyone's time.  If you have any background in chemistry, the journal article will blow your mind.

Washington Post on 'Lunatic' 9/11 'Conspiracy Theorists,' by Jeremy R. Hammond
As noted above, two weeks ago the Washington Times questions the official 9/11 story, or at least notes those who question, without resorting to name calling.  This week, the Post slams the questioners, recklessly tossing around language such as "bizarre, half-baked, and intellectually bogus", "lunatic fringe", and "fact-averse."  What we find bizarre is the relentless campaign to slander anyone who dares seek the truth.  Well, not so bizarre when we consider, as Goebbels knew very well, saying "truth is the greatest enemy of the State."

Is Health Care a Right? by Walter Williams
PB readers have covered this ground a hundred times.  But there are some things worth repeating over and over again.  "Progressive" positive "rights" require enslaving some to provide for others.  Natural, or negative, rights are the only true rights.  As Williams says, everything else is merely a wish.

Why Not Universal Car Insurance, by Jonathan M. Finegold Catalan
Where progressive "logic" leads -- to dependence, immorality, and utter economic failure.

Sole Occupant of 32-Story Fort Myers Condo Wants Out, by Dick Hogan
Doesn't quite look like evidence for a recovery in the real estate market.

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